Green homes are a lot more popular now than when I began my career. Everyone wants to know how they can have a more energy-efficient sustainable home. Houses built today are getting greener and greener each year. Here are five ideas for green building.

1. Build a Smaller House

Smaller homes are more energy efficient. There is a reason the tiny home movement has taken off so much in recent years. These are excellent options for many people.

2. Solar Power is Where It’s At

When it comes to low-cost and efficient energy sources, solar power is amazing. It’s also a clean source of energy. By incorporating solar panels into the homes you build, your clients will have energy efficient and cost-effective homes.

3. Use Sustainable Materials to Build

Sustainable building materials can majorly decrease the impact your construction has on the environment. Choose suppliers who follow sustainable practices, and that will be better for everyone involved.

4. Your Land is Your Friend

If you design the home you are building to take advantage of the surrounding landscape from the beginning, your clients will appreciate less expensive lawn care throughout the life of their home.

5. Utilize the Thermostat

Highly programmable thermostats are now the standard for new homes. Make sure you are taking advantage of all of the new technologies available to you.

Those are just a few green building ideas. I’d love to hear if you have any more. Leave me a comment!